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Thread: JayJay's List

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    JayJay's List

    Ok, here is my tiny list

    2 Large VFT Red Dragons
    1 Small VFT Red Dragon
    2 Large VFT Typical
    1 Tiny VFT, It Split From The One Above, So I guess that makes it a Typical
    1 VFT B52
    1 VFT Dente

    1 D.Capensis, Broad Leaf
    1 D.Capensis Anglica (UK Native)
    1 D.Albino Large

    4 Or 5 Pinguicula Weser (GC Weser)

    1 Nepenthes Sanguinea
    1 Nepenthes Hookeriana
    1 Nepenthes Gentle
    1 Nepenthes Tobacia

    1 Sarracinia Purpurea
    1 Sarracinia, trumpet pitcher? its small, traps are about 10 cm.

    If I spelt anything wrong, PM me, I'll edit the list when I find out all the correct spelling.
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