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Thread: Chooka's Nepenthes

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    x:x- Ch00ka's Neps -x:x


    See photos of my plants HERE!!!

    ++Grow List++

    Nepenthes Species:
    alata [CC] Pic1
    argentii [PF]
    angasanensis [PF]
    burkii [PF] Pic1
    bongso [PF]
    bongso [CE]
    burbidgeae [PF]
    densiflora [CE]
    diatas [PF]
    ephippiata [PF]
    eymae [PF]
    flava [AW] Pic1
    fusca [TP] Pic1
    fusca [CE]
    fusca (d) [EP]
    glabrata [PF]
    glabrata [CE] Pic1
    gymnaphora [CE]
    inermis [PF]
    jacquelineae [PF]
    khasiana [TF]
    lowii [PF]
    lowii [TF]
    lowii [BE]
    macfarlanei [CE]
    madagascariensis [TP]
    maxima female [?]
    maxima [TF]
    maxima (b) female [EP]
    maxima [CC] Pic1
    maxima "Striped" [CC] Pic1
    mikei [PF]
    mira [BE]
    rajah [BE]
    sanguinea [CC] Pic1
    sibuyanensis [EP]
    singalana [PF]
    smilesii male [CC]
    smilesii female [CC]
    spathulata [PF
    spectabilis [CE]
    spectabilis [BE]
    stenophylla [CE]
    talangensis [PF]
    tentaculata [PF]
    tentaculata [BE] Pic1
    ventricosa "Brown" [CC] Pic1
    ventricosa (c) [EP]
    ventricosa "Red" male [CC]
    ventricosa "Red" (1) female [CC]
    ventricosa "Red" (2) female [CC]
    ventricosa "Red" (3) female [CC]
    ventricosa "Red" (4) female [CC]
    ventricosa "Hot Lips" male [EP]
    ventricosa "Scalloped Peristome" x "Red Leather" [EP]
    vogelii [PF]

    Nepenthes hybrids
    alata "Giant" x spectabilis [EP]
    alata "Giant" x stenophylla [EP]
    alata "Giant" x ventricosa [EP]
    xAllardii (maxima x veitchii) male [TP] Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
    bellii x (thorelii x aristolochiodes) male [EP] Pic1 Pic2
    bellii x spectabilis [EP]
    bellii x ventricosa "Red" [EP]
    bellii x xTrusmadiensis (a) [EP]
    burbidgeae x edwardsiana [CE] Pic1
    chaniana x veitchii [EP]
    clipeata x ventricosa [EP]
    "Emmarene" [EP]
    eymae x (ventricosa x xMixta) [EP] Pic1
    eymae x spectabilis [EP] Pic1
    eymae x veitchii "Highland" [EP]
    inermis x bongso [CE]
    izumeae x truncata [EP]
    izumeae x xTrusmadiensis [EP]
    khasiana x xMixta male [?]
    lowii x ventricosa "Red" [EP]
    macfarlanei x sanguinea [BE]
    madagascariensis x ventricosa [EP]
    "Mardi Gras" [EP]
    maxima (h) x aristolochiodes [EP] Pic1 Pic2
    maxima (h) x mira [EP]
    maxima x alata [EP]
    maxima x (lowii x ventricosa) [EP]
    maxima "Dark" x spectabilis [EP]
    maxima "Dark" x talangensis [EP] Pic1
    maxima "Dark" x truncata [EP]
    maxima "Dark" x veitchii [EP] Pic1
    maxima "Dark" x xTrusmadiensis [EP]
    maxima x [(stenophylla x lowii) x (Rokko x veitchii)] [EP]
    maxima, Sulawesi "Dark" x sibuyanensis [EP]
    maxima, Sulawesi "Dark" x talangensis [EP]
    "Red Dragon" [EP]
    xRokko [?]
    (xRokko x xDyeriana) x venticosa "Red" [EP]
    (xRokko x fusca) x ventricosa [EP]
    xRokko x veitchii [EP]
    xRokko x ventricosa male [?]
    "Sabre" [EP]
    sibuyanensis x fusca [EP]
    sibuyanensis x maxima (l) [EP] Pic1
    sibuyanensis x talangensis [EP]
    sibuyanensis x truncata [EP]
    sibuyanensis x truncata "Squat" (a) [EP]
    sibuyanensis x xTrusmadiensis [EP]
    (spathulata x aristolochiodes) x (lowii x ventricosa) clone 1 [EP] Pic1
    (spathulata x aristolochiodes) x (lowii x ventricosa) clone 2 [EP] Pic1
    (spathulata x aristolochiodes) x (lowii x ventricosa) clone 3 [EP] Pic1
    spectabilis x (lowii x ventricosa) [EP]
    (thorelii x xMixta) x sumatrana [EP]
    thorelii x spectabilis female [EP]
    thorelii x (ventricosa x densiflora) [EP]
    tobaica "Purple" x thorelii "Squat" [EP]
    truncata x mira [EP]
    spectabilis x aristolochiodes [EP] Pic1
    spectabilis x beccariana [EP]
    spectabilis x ventricosa "Dark Red" [EP]
    talangensis x mira [EP]
    talangensis x sibuyanensis [EP]
    talangensis x veitchii, Batu Buli H/L [EP] Pic1
    thorelii x (stenophylla x lowii) [EP]
    thorelii x (truncata x ventricosa) [EP]
    thorelii x (ventricosa x maxima) [EP]
    thorelii x xTrusmadiensis [EP]
    truncata x mira [EP]
    truncata x xTrusmadiensis [EP]
    ventrata "Pink" [CC] Pic1
    ventrata "Red" [CC]
    ventricosa x (dubia x singalana) [EP]
    ventricosa x (thorelii x xMixta "Superba")
    ventricosa x angasanensis [EP] Pic1
    ventricosa x aristolochiodes [EP] Pic1
    ventricosa x burkei [TP]
    ventricosa x ephippiata [EP]
    ventricosa x macrovulgaris [EP]
    ventricosa x maxima [EP]
    ventricosa x mindanaoensis [EP] Pic1
    ventricosa x xMixta
    ventricosa x ovata [EP]
    ventricosa "Squat" x ovata [EP]
    ventricosa x rafflesiana [TP]
    ventricosa "Squat, Red" x ramispina [EP]
    ventricosa x sibuyanensis [EP]]
    ventricosa x stenophylla [EP] pic1 Pic2
    ventricosa "Squat" x (talangensis x carunculata) clone1 male [EP]
    ventricosa "Squat" x (talangensis x carunculata) clone2 male [EP]
    ventricosa "Squat" x (talangensis x carunculata) clone3 [EP] Pic1
    ventricosa "Squat" x (talangensis x carunculata) clone4 [EP]
    (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x (ventricosa x xTiveyi (b)) [EP]
    (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x truncata [EP]
    (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x xtrusmadiensis [EP]
    ventricosa x spathulata [CE]
    ventricosa x talangensis male[EP]
    ventricosa x xTiveyi (a) [EP]
    ventricosa x xTiveyi (b) [EP]
    ventricosa xCincta [EP]
    ventricosa x xiphoides [EP]
    ventricosa x xTrusmadiensis (a) [EP]
    ventricosa x xTrusmadiensis "wide peristome" [EP]
    ventricosa "Red" x (lowii x ventricosa) [EP] Pic1
    ventricosa "Red" x carunculata var. Robusta [EP]
    ventricosa "Red" x pectinata [EP]
    ventricosa "Red" x talangensis (1) male [EP]
    ventricosa "Red" x talangensis (2) male [EP]
    ventricosa "Red" x (ventricosa "Red" x talangensis) clone1 [EP] Pic1
    ventricosa "Red" x (ventricosa "Red" x talangensis) clone2 [EP]
    ventricosa "Red" x (ventricosa "Red" x talangensis) clone3 [EP]
    ventricosa x fusca [EP]
    ventricosa "Squat" x fusca "Dark" [EP] Pic1
    veitchii x platychila [CE]

    If you live in Australia and would like to set up a trade/sale, don't hesitate to PM me to see if something is available from my list.


    ++Want List++

    Nepenthes species:

    Nepenthes hybrids:
    "Predator" (truncata x hamata)
    talangensis x hamata
    talangensis x xTrusmadiensis
    veitchii x xTrusmadiensis

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