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Thread: Kenneth Tiny Growlist!@

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    Kenneth Tiny Growlist!@

    Hi everyone

    I live in a typical lowland climate and grow mostly lowlanders....More plants

    Anyways heres my growlist.

    Nepenthes Species

    .Nepenthes Albomarginata Penang Red(17.11.2008)
    .Nepenthes Bicalcarata
    .Nepenthes Lady pauline(17.11.2008)
    .Nepenthes Rafflesiana(Green with purple speckle)
    .Nepenthes Rafflesiana(Purple with green speckle)
    .Nepenthes Rafflesiana(Red Squat)
    .Nepenthes Rajah
    .Nepenthes Truncata
    .Nepenthes Ventricosa
    .Nepenthes Viking(17.11.2008)
    .Nepenthes Mirabilis var enchinostoma(27.2.2009)
    .Nepenthes Hirsuta(27.2.2009)
    .Nepenthes Ampullaria green spotted(27.2.2009)
    .Nepenthes Veitchii Hose Mountains(27.2.2009)


    .Nepenthes x Hookeriana(Rafflesiana x ampullaria)
    .Nepenthes Maxima x Fusca(17.11.2008)
    .Nepenthes Miranda
    .Nepenthes Mixta x Fusca
    .Nepenthes Veitchii x Fusca
    .Nepenthes Ventrata
    .Nepenthes Dicksoniana(27.2.2009)


    .Sarracenia x Mitchelliana
    .Sarracenia x (i forgot the name)


    Dead green form sob sob.....
    VFT/Dionaea Muscipula(Akai Ryu)17.11.2008


    .Drosera Paradoxa


    .Urticularia Gibba


    N.Viking( 29.1.2009 )3 weeks germination
    N. (thorelii x stenophylla) x mixta

    Germinating Seeds

    D.Sphatulata seeds sooo small ( 10.2.2009) Thanks ban aik...

    Other Plants

    Mine Palm Tree
    Dwarf Pine Tree
    Adenum Obesum/Desert Rose
    "Lidah Buaya"
    Upwards Chili Plants(Don't know name of it)
    And a leafy small plant (survivor/my 1st plant)


    Hi guys

    Its been some time since i updated my growlist here and the list has almost doubled...Anyways thanks for looking..

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