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Thread: theqisback84's grow list

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    theqisback84's grow list

    s. purpurea x psittacina x rubra
    s. flava
    s. leucophyllia "tarnok"
    s. dixie lace
    s. alata "maroon throat"
    s. minor
    s. hummer hammerhead
    s. Mitchelliana x Purpurea
    s . "Judith Hindle"
    38 unknown s. rhizomes

    s. seed
    s. alata red/black
    s. leucophyllia

    d. spathulanta
    d. binata
    d. slackii
    d. admirabilis
    d. affinis
    d. capensis (multiple types)
    d. capensis Baiheskloof
    d. intermedia
    d. capillaris
    d. binata var. dichotoma
    d. stolonifera

    d. seed

    30 typical flytraps -- to many flytraps
    cross teeth

    typical flytrap seeds
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