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Thread: Devon's grow list

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    Devon's growlist ~ Canada

    Cephalotus Follicularis "BCP clone"

    D. filiformis "Florida all red" (no dormancy required)
    D. filiformis "Florida giant" (also know as D. filiformis "florida" or filiformis "florida red"
    D. x Snyderi
    D. "Lantau Island"
    D. filiformis (Canadian hardy)
    D. filiformis
    D. adelae
    D. paradoxa
    D. x hybrida
    D. nidiformis
    D. hamiltonnii
    D. capensis
    D. capensis "narrowleaf"
    D. capensis 'albino'
    D. capensis "alba" x aliciae
    D. capensis "broadleaf"
    D. capensis "wide leaf, BCP"
    D. capensis "red form"
    D. capensis "Vogelgat Nature Reserve near Hermanus"
    D. collinsiae
    D. collinsiae "Faryland"
    D. nidiformis "Pietermaritzburg,Kwa-Zulu Natal,RSA"
    D. admirabilis
    D. natalensis
    D. venusta "albino"
    D. madagascariensis
    D. capillaris "Pensacola,Escambia County,Florida,US"
    D. sp. "south africa"
    D. intermedia "San Lorenzo a Vaccoll, Italy" (robust form)
    D. rotundifolia "Hawks Tor,Bodmin Moor,UK"
    D. anglica
    D. intermedia "cuba" (tropical)
    D. anglica "CA x HI" (tropical)
    D. capillaris
    D. capillaris "long arm"/sp. "belem"
    D. filiformis "florida all red"
    D. burmannii
    D. burmannii "humpty doo, red"
    D. tokeiansis
    D. spatulata "Mobara, Chiba Prefecture, Japan"
    D. spatulata "tamlin"
    D. spatulata "fraiser island"

    Dionaea Muscipula
    D. Muscipula 'Akai Ryu'
    D. Muscipula 'B52'
    D. Muscipula 'Bigmouth'
    D. Muscipula 'Bohemian Garnet'
    D. Muscipula 'Clayton's red sunset'
    D. Muscipula 'Cupped trap'
    D. Muscipula 'Dentate traps'
    D. Muscipula 'Green dragon'
    D. Muscipula 'Red piranha'
    D. Muscipula 'Red rosetted'
    D. Muscipula 'Royal red'
    D. Muscipula 'Sawtooth'
    D. Muscipula 'Scarlet Bristle'
    D. Muscipula "Clone Z02, BCP"
    D. Muscipula "Clone D05, BCP"
    D. Muscipula "Clone H013, BCP"
    D. Muscipula "Bristletooth"
    D. Muscipula "Big jaws"
    D. Muscipula "Big vigorous"
    D. Muscipula "Pink venus"
    D. Muscipula "Cross teeth"
    D. Muscipula "tall green giant"
    D. Muscipula "Mix of giant clones, BCP"
    D. Muscipula "Shark's teeth"
    D. Muscipula 'Low Giant'

    S. flava var. cuprea/ornata
    S. flava var. rugelii
    S. oreophila "Sand mountain"
    S. purpurea ssp. venosa "Hamstead, NC"
    S. x 'Hummer's hammerhead'
    S. x Catesbaei (Hawaiian Botanicals clone)
    S. x "Scarlet Belle"
    Much more to come soon!

    N. ventricosa (Keehn's, seedgrown)
    N. ventricosa (from Hal)
    N. truncata (black)
    N. rafflesiana
    N. rafflesiana var. alata aka "Sandakan Form"

    -Any Sarracenia oreophila forms
    -Any Sarracenia flava forms
    -Any Sarracenia Purpurea/rosea forms
    -Drosera I don't have, or seeds, or gemmae. (especially temperate plants, petiolaris, and pygmy gemmae) No tubers
    -Any flytrap forms I don't have
    -Any Sarracenia leucophylla forms
    -Any Sarracenia minor form

    I think I'm forgetting a bunch of 'dews... I'll get them on eventually. I also have a few pings and utrics, which I won't bother putting up. Maybe some other time when I feel like it.

    Thanks for looking!
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