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Thread: *~*Indigo*~*'s Grow List

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    *~*Indigo*~*'s Grow List

    Venus Flytrap - Dionaea muscipula
    'D. Big Mouth' ~ Outdoor in Bog
    'D. Dentate' ~ Outdoor in Bog
    'D. Fused Tooth' ~ Outdoor in Bog
    'D. B52" ~ Outdoor in Bog
    'D. Typical Form' ~ Outdoor in Bog
    'D. Big Vigorous' ~ Outdoor in Bog
    'D. Low Giant' ~ Outdoor in Bog

    (NOTE: All of them got mislabeled. Except D.Fused Tooth and D.Dentate)

    'D. Akai Ryu' ~ Dionaea Popsicle 2008 Winter
    'D. Red Piranha' ~ Dionaea Popsicle 2008 Winter
    'D. Dutch'~ Dionaea Popsicle 2008 Winter
    'D. Crested Petiole' ~ Dionaea Popsicle 2008 Winter
    'D. Cross Teeth' ~ Dionaea Popsicle 2008 Winter
    'D. Yellow' ~ Dionaea Popsicle 2008 Winter
    'D. Cupped Trap' ~ Dionaea Popsicle 2008 Winter

    American Pitcher Plant - Sarracenia

    (NOTE: Need identification)

    California Pitcher Plant - Darlingtonia Californica

    'Cobra Lily' #1 & #2 ~ Death By Heat 2008 Summer
    'Cobra Lily' #3 ~ Death By Fertilizer 2009 January

    Sundews - Drosera

    (NOTE: I'm not much of a Dew guy)

    'Byblis Liniflora' ~ Seed Sowed 2009 Augest From Crissytal

    'D. Binata' ~ Freeze Dry 2008 Winter
    'D. Binata Marston Dragon' ~ Freeze Dry 2008 Winter

    Butterworts - Pinguicula

    Coming Soon

    Terrestrial Bladderworts - Utricularia

    'U. Dichotoma' ~ From Crissytal
    'U. Livida'
    'U. Longifolia' ~ From Crissytal
    'U. Sandersonii' ~ From Crissytal

    (NOTE: Death by Birdzilla)

    Tropical Pitcher Plant - Nepenthes
    'N. Rafflesiana'
    'N. Truncata' x3
    'N. Truncata QoH x KoS' x2
    'N. Hamata' ~ Wistuba Clone 1 and Clone 4
    'N. Eymae'
    'N. Rajah'
    'N. Singalana'
    'N. Sanguinea'

    'N. Sanguinea' ~ Unknown? 2009 Summer
    'N. Ventricosa' ~ Unknown? 2009 Summer
    'N. Bicalcarata' ~ Death By Ant 2009 Spring
    'N. Ephippiata' ~ Root Rot 2009 Summer
    'N. Macrophylla' ~ Root Rot 2009 Summer
    'N. Mirabilis' ~ Unsuccessful seedling 2009 Spring
    'N. Singalana' ~ Root Rot 2009 Summer
    'N. Villosa' x 2 ~ Root Rot 2009 Summer
    'N. Lowii' ~ Transplant Shock After The Nasty Root Rot Attack 2009 Fall
    'N. Inermis' ~ 2009 Fall!
    'N. x Judith Finn'
    'N. Aristolochioides'
    'N. Campanulata'

    Western Australian Pitcher Plant - Cephalotus follicularis
    'Typical Form' ~ South facing windowsill
    'Hummer's Giant' ~ Under intensive care, From elgecko

    Sun Pitcher Plants - Heliamphora
    'Heliamphora Minor' ~ Wistuba

    'Brocchinia reducta' ~ Outdoor in Pot

    Proboscidea Parviflora
    'Devil's Claw' ~ Seed Sowed 2009 Augest From Crissytal

    (NOTE: I would pick this spiece over Drosera anytime, That's just me though)

    Bog Companion Plant
    'Green Sphagnum Moss' ~ From Crissytal
    'Green Dwarf Sphagnum Moss'

    Trade/Want List

    ~Nepenthes seeds
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