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Thread: Josh Gertz Grow List

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    Josh Gertz Grow List

    S. Purpurea (Lowe's Death Cube)
    S. Leucophylla (California Carnivores)
    S. Minor (California Carnivores)
    S. Alata var. Rubioperculata (California Carnivores)
    S. Flava var Cuprea (California Carnivores)
    S. x 'Catesbaei' - Dominic Diaz Clone (From Rob Co)
    S. ‘Love Bug’ x flava v. rubricorpora (From Rob Co)
    S. (Oreophila x Purp Hybrid) x (Flava x Willisii TP Clone) (From Rob Co)
    S. x 'Ahlesii' (From Rob Co)
    S. 'Cases Resolve' (From Rob Co)
    S. x 'Readii' (Mr. Plant Oddity)
    S. x 'Dana's Delight' (Mr. Plant Oddity)
    S. x 'Judith Hindle' (Mr. Plant Oddity)
    S. Oreophila (Mr. Plant Oddity)
    x7 Unmarked rhizomes (Mr. Plant Oddity)

    In stratification currently:
    [(minor x psitt) x psitt]x [(rubra x psitt) x "Wilkerson's Red"]
    rosea x "Blood Moon" ("Blood Moon"= "Wilkerson's Red" x flava rubricorpa)
    "Bog Goblin" x 'Leah Wilkerson'
    psitt x (purp x minor) x [psitt x (purp x minor) x 'Hummer's Hammer Head']
    (leuco green x oreo green) x purp purp
    "Bud's Golden Boy"(moorei) x flava 'Copper Top'(M. Wang)
    "Bud's Golden Boy" x 'Adrian Slack'
    L. 'Hurricane Creek White' clone E x "Bog Goblin" clone 1
    stevensii (Adrian Slack clone) x ?
    S. Leah Wilkerson x Adrian Slack
    (Catesbaei x Alata Black Throat) x Wilkerson Red
    Leuco Green x Rubra Jonesii Green x Michelliana
    Sarracenia (Rubra x Purpurea 'Red Ruffles') x Purpurea
    Sarracenia 'Frogman' x Purpurea
    Sarracenia Purpurea f. Heterophylla OP
    Sarracenia 'Purple People Eater' OP
    Sarracenia x popei OP
    Sarracenia Flava OP
    Sarracenia Oreophila OP
    Sarracenia Leucophylla OP
    Sarracenia Leucophylla
    Sarracenia Flava
    Sarracenia Oreophila
    Sarracenia Rubra ssp. Wherryi
    Sarracenia Purpurea
    Sarracenia Minor
    Adrian Slack Imposter x Adrian Slack
    x Catesbeai X Flava var Ornata
    x Catesbeai X x Mitchelliana OP
    x Catesbeai X x Catesbeai "Red"
    ('Golden Red Jubilee' x Rubra Alabamensis) x S. Oreophila
    (Golden Red Jubilee x S. Luecophylla) x Judith Hindle
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