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Thread: Growlist of Snow That Has Been Burned (BurntSnow)

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    Growlist of Snow That Has Been Burned (BurntSnow)

    Italics: plant's I'm getting or plan to get really soon; will get soon
    Growing Since January 7, 2010
    C. Follicularis/Typical
    Typical VFT
    Mature VFT Clump
    D. Adelae
    D. Burmannii
    D. Capensis x2
    D. Intermedia
    D. Roseana
    D. Rotundifolia
    D. Venusta
    Unknown Species
    N. Truncata
    P. Agnata
    P. Fraser Beaut
    P. Primuflora
    P. Sethos
    S. Dana's Delight
    S. Flava
    S. Judith Hindle
    S. Purpurea Ssp. Purpurea
    S. Rubra Ssp. Wherri
    U. Bisquimata
    N. Lowii
    Cephalotus "Big Boy"
    Cephalotus "Czech Giant"
    Cephalotus "Dudley Watts"
    Cephalotus "Eden Black"
    Cephalotus "Hummer's Giant"
    Cephalotus "Vigorous Clumping"
    D. Esserenia
    D. falconeri
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    -just burned your snow

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