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Thread: these are my plants.....

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    Talking dchasselblads growlist.....& etc...lmtd...


    Flava Cuprea "Copper Top"
    Flava Rubricorpora Apalachicola Forest, Liberty County
    Flava (Lowes Clone)
    Leuco "Candy Stripe"
    Leuco Hurricane Creek County
    Leuco Tarnok
    Leuco Titan(Cronus)
    Leuco D###Chan
    Leuco Typical
    Rubra Wheryi Botanique
    Excellens Typical
    Excellens Phils Clone
    Alata Nigrapurpurea
    Alata Black/Red Botanique
    Alata Maroon Throat
    "Black Widow" (Alata Black Throat x Flava Rubricorpora) Don Elkins
    Alata Black Tube (David Crump)
    Purple People Eater (D' amato)
    Yellow Jacket (David Crump)
    Judith Adrian
    Daina's Delight
    Gin Goblin (D'amato)
    Minor Okee Giant
    Minor Typical
    Richie Bell (UNC)
    Night Sky
    Judith Hindle
    Hummers Hammerhead
    Bug Bat (David Crump)
    Leuco x Oreophila
    Leah Wilkerson
    Ladies In Waiting
    Purpurea Green
    Purpurea Venosa
    Starry Night
    Lamentations x Atropurpurea (D' amato)
    John Wyndham
    Doodle Bug
    Scarlet Belle

    Darlingtonia Californica (Mountain Variety)


    Nep Sanguinea (Lowes Clone)
    Nep Truncata Highland (Paisan)
    Nep Queen of Hearts x King of Spades (Borneo ExotĦ€$)
    Nep Rajah


    Drosera Filiformis Filiformis
    Drosera Dichotoma Giant
    Drosera Binata Giant
    Drosera "California Sunset"
    Drosera Tracyi
    Drosera Capensis
    Drosera Hybrida
    Drosera "Spatula"

    Venus Fly Traps;

    Big Mouth
    Akai Ryu


    A Window-Full of Tropical
    Rose Pogonia (Bog Orchid)
    Chinese Ground Orchid (Perrenial)

    I want to try Heliamphoras maybe this fall

    20 Gallon Pond

    150 Gallon Reef
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