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Thread: MG's Grow List

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    MG's Grow List

    Drosera :

    Drosera Intermedia, Temperate form With location data
    Drosera Capensis Broad Leaf, Narrow Leaf, Alba
    Drosera Anglica, Temperate form
    Drosera Rotundifolia
    Drosera Filiformis 'Florida All Red'
    Drosera Tracyi
    Drosera Sessifolia
    Drosera Dielsiana
    Drosera Tokaiensis

    Dionaea :

    D. Muscipula, Typical
    D. Muscipula, 'Dente'

    Sarracenia :

    Sarracenia Flava var. Rugelii
    Sarracenia Purpurea ssp. Venosa
    Sarracenia Leucophylla
    Sarracenia Psittacina
    Sarracenia Rubra ssp. Rubra
    Sarracenia x 'Judith Hindle'
    Sarracenia Oreophila From RL7836
    Sarracenia Rubra ssp. Jonesii From ICPS Seed Bank

    Nepenthes :

    Nepenthes Sanguinea, Orange
    Nepenthes Mikei
    Nepenthes Rafflesiana
    Nepenthes Khasiana

    Utricularia :

    Utricularia Gibba


    Pinguicula Moranensis
    Pinguicula Primuliflora

    Want List :

    Sarracenia Alabamensis
    Sarracenia Flava var. Flava
    Drosera Filiformis ssp. Filiformis
    Nepenthes Truncata
    Pinguicula Gigantea
    Pinguicula Vulgaris
    Utricularia Vulgaris
    Utricularia Purpurea

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