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Thread: D_muscipula's Wantlist

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    D_muscipula's Wantlist

    I'm in highschool, and I'm about to go to college.
    I simply don't have the money to buy all the plants I want.
    So I've compiled a modest and reasonable growlist.
    Nothing on here should prompt the response, "Fat chance you'll get that!"
    Hopefully through the generosity of fellow cp growers, I'll finally get a hold of some of my favorites.
    If you have one of these plants listed, and have been meaning to trim or divide it, please send me a pm.
    Plants are listed in order of desire.

    < - Greater than
    > - Less than
    HL - Highland
    BR - Bareroot
    RC- Rooted cutting
    LS - Leafspan
    N/A - Only one color/form that I'm aware of.

    Plant Name


    Form wanted(i.e.cutting)

    N. reinwardtiana

    5" or > Leafspan (ideally a 7-10" in diameter plant)

    Cutting or BR plant

    N. "Red Beauty"

    "A cutting from a specimen sized plant thought to be N. gracillima, but now known to
    be N. alba."

    3.5" or >LS

    BR plant or RC or Cutting

    N. stenophylla


    <5" >18" LS


    D. 'Red Piranha'
    Flowering size

    Division/leaf cuttings

    D. "Cross Teeth"
    Not solid green, but like the one in this pic
    Flowering Size

    Division/leaf cuttings

    S. oreophila
    22" or > pitchers
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