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Thread: Syllius' Growlist

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    Syllius' Growlist


    Hey, folks, I'm still new to growing CPs, so my list consists of mostly common plants. I figured it better to make a growlist now, though, so I can just add to it in the future, instead of waiting until I'm swamped.

    _____MATURE PLANTS________________|


    Dionaea "Akai Ryu"
    Dionaea "Dentate"
    Dionaea "Cupped Trap"


    Nepenthes ventrata
    Nepenthes miranda


    Sarracenia leucophylla
    Sarracenia flava
    Sarracenia purpurea


    Drosera capensis
    Drosera watari
    Drosera binata var. dichotoma "T-form"




    Utricularia livida

    _____SEEDS IN GERMINATION__________|

    Nepenthes ampullaria "Dark Red"
    Drosera nidiformis
    Drosera capensis

    _____WANT LIST____________________|

    Dionaea "B52"
    Dionaea "Big Mouth"
    Dionaea "Wacky Trap"

    Drosera adelae
    Drosera scorpioides
    Drosera filiformis
    Drosera gigantea

    Nepenthes veitchii
    Nepenthes maxima

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