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Thread: KDodds' Grow List

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    KDodds' Grow List

    Typical (5)
    'Blood Red'
    'Akai Ryu'

    D. capensis (typical) (2)
    D. nidiformis
    D. spatulata (+ dozen seedlings)
    D. filiformis filiformis
    D. filiformis tracyi
    D. dichotoma 'red'
    D. 'Marston Dragon'

    P. primuliflora (2)
    P. moctezuma
    P. medusina
    P. hemiepiphytica "Site 2 #6"
    P. laueana x emarginata 'Seductora'
    P. 'John Rizzi'
    P. esseriana (2)
    P. laueana

    Unidentified (2 species)
    U. subulata
    U. livida

    S. purpurea purpurea (3)
    S. psittacina
    S. minor
    S. rubra
    S. alata
    S. flava
    S. 'Tarnok'
    S. 'Dana's Delight'
    S. 'Judith Hindle'
    S. 'Scarlet Belle'
    S. 'Mardi Gras'
    S. 'Excellens'
    S. 'Mitchelliana'

    'Vigorous Clumping'
    'Hummer's Giant'

    N. 'ventrata' (tentative id)

    Non-CP bog plants:
    Grass Pink (Calopogon pulchellus)
    Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpus)

    Too many to list every species, 30+ tropical to subtropical to warm temperate indoor plants in varying stages of development.

    Various house and terrarium plants and "miniature" plants.
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