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Thread: roxorboxor's grow list

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    roxorboxor's grow list

    D. muscipula (a few typicals)

    D. capensis (normal, various seedlings)
    D. filiformis Tracyi

    D. menziesii ssp menziesii
    D. hookeri
    D. indumenta
    D. zigzagia
    D. ramellosa 'pink flower'
    D. rupicola 'Dark red x Bronze'
    D. peltata


    'Song of Melancholy'
    ampullaria x aristolochioides
    aristolochioides x mira SG
    maxima x veitchii??
    sibuyanensis x copelandii
    sibuyanensis x maxima 'Gothica'
    spathulata x dubia SG
    spathulata x hamata SG
    (spathulata x spectabilis) x (chaniana x veitchii)
    ventricosa x dubia
    ventricosa x sibuyanensis
    vogelii x (spathulata x mira)

    P. emarginata x laueana

    S. ? SG from the BACPS booth at the SF Flower show 3/2013 (2x)
    S. leucophylla

    U. bisquamata
    U. subulata (probably, if i have any left alive)
    U. longifolia
    U. warburgii

    Looking for:
    Tuberous Drosera of any kind (that I don't have)
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