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Thread: My grow list

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    Lance's grow list

    My grow list

    I tend to keep two of the most updated pictures in red. The 7 digit number is the date the pic was taken. I may forget to update at times... school has it's occupations. >:(

    Please excuse the extra information I add in here... it helps with my documentation incase it is ever required.


    N. X red leopard 031612
    N. jamban
    N. Splendiana X (X rokko X stenophylla) 070312 060912
    N. ventricosa 'red' 112111
    N. robcantleyi QoH X KoS 062812
    N. X Aeneas 'Multis Folium Flos' variant
    N. X Dr Bodie N. alata x (spathulata x boschiana)
    N. thorelli X ( X trusmadiensis) "8 of clubs" big peristome form 8 loop indent variant111712
    N. Burb X Edwardsiana 011812
    N. spathulata Clone 2 011812
    N. fusca X ( X miranda) Private grower
    N. X 'Ile De France' [(mirabilis x thorelii) x (northiana x maxima)] 070212 022812
    N. veitchi K SG 072512 050512
    N. X Dormuse N. (ventricosa X belli) X dubia (Private grower)
    N. ((eymae X (stenophylla X lowii)) X Trusmadiensis SG
    N. (ventricosa X sibuyanensis) X (northiana X veitchii) Private Grower
    N. (lowii X veitchi) X boschiana Private Grower BA sale
    N. eustachya purple'purple' Private grower [ROOTED]
    N. hamata AW Gunung Lumut Clone 1 072712
    N. macrophylla BE TC 070112 070212
    N. raffelsiana Brunei X (X Trusmadiensis) SG EP (brunei clone 99) 080412
    N. truncata X (X Trusmadiensis) Original Release (was basal cutting) 080412
    N. lowii X Sabre dark cherry 111712
    N. X "Eldorado" N. Spathulata X X 'Puna'
    N. Hirsuta X X Tiveyi N. Hirsuta X (veitchii HL X Maxima Dark)
    N. (lowii X veitchii) X Campunalata EP
    N. (Thorelii X Rafflesiana X Thorelii) X Merrillana EP
    N. Merrillana EP SG
    N. X "Predator" N. Truncata X Hamata
    N. thorelii X (truncata X campunalata) EP SG
    N. thorelii X aristochoides EP SG
    N. Rafflesiana var. alata Kuching SG X 3
    N. spectabilis X Hamata SG
    N. Veitchii Bario SG; green-pitchered female X ?
    N. Caruncunata var. Robusta X Hamata SG
    N. Veitchii HL Bario Candystriped SG
    N. Singalana X Hamata Red Hairy SG
    N. Sp. Langkawi RC, 700 M. ASL
    N. Sibuyanensis X Trusmadiensis EP RC
    N. Edwardsiana AW

    Sarracenia (pics haven't been updated recently)

    S. Oreophila Private grower's bog [produces VERY dark coloration (darker than sand mountain clones)] 051312
    S. psitticina 080412
    S. X 'Danas Delight' 080412 080412
    S. Flava
    S. X 'Scarlet Belle'
    S. rubra ssp gulfensis X S. minor var. okefenokeensis 051312 080412
    S. X readii X 2
    S. X Dixie Lace
    S. Leucophylla X 2 051312

    Seeds in stratification/soil/ovary developement/germination

    ovary development *
    stratification **
    in soil ***
    germination noticed ****

    N. Villosa (Some seeds off to TC labs) *** (SWELLING NOTICED)

    N. tenuis X X Predator N. Tenuis X (N. truncata X hamata) (pollen sent to female Tenuis in Poland) ****

    N. Attenbouroughii Mt. Victoria Palawan 1700m site ****

    N. Rajah X Veitchii HL ****

    S. X "Swaniana" X (S. rubra ssp gulfensis X S. minor var. okefenokeensis) ****


    N. Villosa SG

    N. Veitchii X Trusmadiensis EP SG

    Want List

    N. Pretty much anything that looks mesmerizing and can grow well. Doesn't have to be super rare.
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