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Thread: J Barclay's growlist

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    J Barclay's growlist

    stylidium debile - fast grower! less than spectacular flowers.

    drosophullum lusitanicum

    darlingtonia californica

    dionaea typical
    'cupped': )
    'colorado giant'

    drosera roseana
    drosera scorpiodes

    drosera adelae
    drosera anglica - great little sundew
    drosera binata marston dragon
    drosera intermedia
    drosera filiformis "fl giant"
    drosera spatulata
    drosera venusta
    drosera capensis
    want: wooly sundews! especially broomensis, derbyensis, lanata, ordensis
    drosera capensis 'bains kloof'& other 'tree' sundews
    drosera citrina

    sarracenia alabamensis
    sarracenia Leucophylla x Gulfensis
    sarracenia Alata
    sarracenia Flava
    sarracenia Rubra Sub. Wherryi
    sarracenia Purpurea purpurea
    sarracenia Purpurea ‘Jersey Girl’
    sarracenia Exornata
    sarracenia ‘Exornata’ x oreo - beautiful!
    Sarravenia (flava x purpurea) x purpurea
    sarracenia Catesbaei (Alata X flava x purpurea)
    sarracenia flava rugelli x oreophila - insanely wide pitchers, overflows with large bugs in 3 weeks
    sarracenia courtii northern x rubra alabamensis

    pinguicula moranensis
    pinguicula moranensis huahuapan
    pinguicula moranensis 'highlights'
    pinguicula x 'weser'
    pinguicula x 'sethos'
    pinguicula ehlersiae x moranensis
    pinguicula laueana
    pinguicula esseriana
    want: pinguicula macroceros
    pinguicula lusitanica

    nepenthes ampullaria
    nepenthes gracillima (?)
    nepenthes rafflesiana pink
    nepenthes sanguinea
    nepenthes ventricosa hot lips x ventricosa red

    utricularia sandersonii (blue and typical)
    utricularia livida (blue and white)
    utricularia bisquamati small flower
    utricularia 'praelonga x livida' - may be deceased
    utricularia longifolia
    want: many, many more terrestrials

    want: roridula

    drosera arcturi - after 8 months... aphids attack. >:-[
    drosera hilaris - germinated well but did not do well long term. too cold?

    other plants

    sauromatum venosum
    amorphophallus konjac
    hildewintera colademononis

    I also keep fresh & saltwater fish and invertebrates, tarantula & snake.
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