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Thread: James H Grow/Wish List

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    James H Grow/Wish List

    Grow List:
    Drosera capensis
    Nepenthes mirabilis x Tiger
    Nepenthes ventrata
    Nepenthes 'Fyodor' N.gymnamphora x dubia
    Nepenthes 'Griffin' N.(thorelii x (northiana x maxima)) x (spectabilis x veitchii)
    Nepenthes 'Immaculate' N.ventricosa x (thorelii x Trusmadiensis)
    Nepenthes 'Nephthys' Wrigleyana x campanulata
    Nepenthes 'Mimosa' N.ventrata x (thorelii x aristolochioides)
    Nepenthes madagascariensis
    Nepenthes ampullaria
    Nepenthes x hookeriana
    Nepenthes bellii
    Nepenthes vogelii

    Wish List:
    Nepenthes argentii
    Nepenthes tentaculata
    Nepenthes lowii
    Nepenthes mikei
    Nepenthes bicalcarata
    Nepenthes ampullaria
    Nepenthes mira
    Nepenthes villosa
    Nepenthes ephippiata

    Sarracenia flava var. rugelii
    Sarracenia flava
    Sarracenia alata
    Sarracenia leucophylla 'Tarnok'
    Sarracenia leucophylla 'ANTHOCYANIN-FREE'
    Any ANTHOCYANIN-FREE Sarracenia

    Drosera scorpioides
    Drosera filiormis
    Drosera capillaris
    Drosera capensis
    Drosera brevifolia
    Drosera madagascariensis
    Drosera oblanceolata
    Drosera 'Lake Badgerup'

    Pinguicula laueana
    Pinguicula caerulea
    Pinguicula pumila
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