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Thread: monkey_Cup grow list

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    monkey_Cup grow list

    This grow list is great due in part to the many generous people on this forum, helping out individuals who are interested in awesome plants, but with limited resources.

    N. thorelli X something (gill_za)
    N. bicalcarata Brunei orange (purchase)
    N. Ventrata (xQuinn)
    N. Truncata Pasian(gill_za)
    N. Ventricosa x sibuyanensis (purchase)
    N. sanguinea 'orange (mass)

    Cephalotus follicularis (purchase)

    P. moranensis (Brie)
    p. ascension
    P. juavamensis
    P. sethos (thefury)

    Sarr. unknown
    Sarr. Danas delight
    Sarr. Flava "yellow trumpet"

    D. capensis Giant (Brie)
    D. capensis typical (gill_za)
    D. capensis Broadleaf
    D. natalensis
    D. spatulata (gill_za) (Brie)
    D. nidiformis (Brie)
    D. adelae (Brie)
    D. venusta
    D. filiformis "Florida Giant"

    Royal Red VFT
    VFT "Dente"
    VFT typical (thefury)
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