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Thread: jlechtm grow/trade list (partial)

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    jlechtm grow/trade list (partial)

    Sarracenia and Heliamphora listed only (at this point). A little messy, but plant info follows the header in order. Available (marked "A") plants are listed first in each section. ID is my collection ID.

    The Sarracenia cultivars have pics.

    Sarracenia Species

    ID Species Sub/Var/Form Desc County ST Available

    SAL-07 alata Perry MS A

    SAL-04A alata Black Stone MS N
    SAL-06A alata Hancock MS N

    SF-20 flava atroprupurea Liberty FL A
    SF-49 flava atroprupurea Liberty FL A
    SF-34 flava atropurpurea Red A
    SF-47 flava flava Lexington SC A
    SF-19A flava maxima Sussex VA A
    SF-48 flava maxima Liberty FL A
    SF-32 flava ornata Veined Red Throat Gulf FL A
    SF-45 flava ornata Veined Red Throat Horry SC A
    SF-15 flava ornata Dinwiddie VA A
    SF-18A flava ornata Sussex VA A
    SF-23 flava rubricorpora Liberty FL A
    SF-31 flava rugelli Wakulla A
    SF-25 flava Pink Blush Veined Carteret NC A

    SF-01 flava atropurpurea Burgundy Bay FL N
    SF-44 flava cuprea Veined Horry SC N
    SF-28 flava cuprea Brunswick NC N
    SF-16 flava maxima Dinwiddie VA N
    SF-10 flava ornata Pender NC N
    SF-30 flava ornata Wakulla FL N
    SF-02 flava rubricorpora Liberty FL N
    SF-11 flava rubricorpora Bay FL N
    SF-43 flava rugelli Droop-Lid Santa Rosa FL N
    SF-42 flava Red N
    SF-17 flava Red Lip Bay FL N
    SF-33 flava Veined Long Lid Liberty FL N

    SL-04 leucophylla Red Baldwin AL A
    SL-06 leucophylla Escambia FL A

    SL-03 leucophylla Green Baldwin AL N
    SL-05 leucophylla Baldwin AL N
    SL-08 leucophylla Walton FL N

    SM-11 minor Charleston SC A

    SM-07 minor okefenokeensis Yellow Ware GA N
    SM-07A minor okefenokeensis Yellow Ware GA N
    SM-07B minor okefenokeensis Yellow Ware GA N
    SM-01A minor okefenokeensis Ware GA N
    SM-09 minor Brunswick NC N
    SM-09A minor Brunswick NC N
    SM-09B minor Brunswick NC N
    SM-10 minor Orange FL N

    SO-04 oreophila Cherokee AL A

    SO-01 oreophila Towns GA N

    SPS-05 psittacina Large Hood Baldwin AL A
    SPS-07 psittacina St. Tammany LA A
    SPS-10 psittacina Okaloosa FL A
    SPS-11 psittacina Large Red Liberty FL A
    SPS-11C psittacina Large Red Liberty FL A

    SPS-01 psittacina Green Baldwin AL N
    SPS-13 psittacina Washington AL N

    SPP-03 purpurea purpurea Marl Bog Form Bruce ON A
    SPR-03 purpurea rosea Veinless Bay FL A
    SPR-06A purpurea rosea Bay FL A
    SPR-06B purpurea rosea Bay FL A
    SPV-03 purpurea venosa Pender NC A
    SPV-05 purpurea venosa Carteret NC A
    SPV-01 purpurea venosa Caroline VA A
    SPB-02 purpurea Pine Barrens NJ A

    SPP-02A purpurea purpurea Veinless Huron ON N
    SPR-01A purpurea rosea Red Calhoun FL N
    SPV-04 purpurea venosa Pender NC N
    SPM-01B purpurea venosa montana Henderson NC N
    SPM-02 purpurea venosa montana GA N

    SRT-05 rubra ancestral Peach GA A
    SRG-04 rubra gulfensis Green Santa Rosa FL A
    SRR-05 rubra rubra Candler GA A
    SRW-08 rubra wherryi Yellow Flower Washington AL A
    SRW-07 rubra wherryi Escambia FL A

    SRA-01 rubra alabamensis Chilton AL N
    SRT-03 rubra ancestral Green Taylor GA N
    SRG-02A rubra gulfensis Red Okaloosa FL N
    SRG-01 rubra gulfensis Okaloosa FL N
    SRJ-03 rubra jonesi NC N
    SRW-10 rubra wherryi Pink Flower Washington AL N
    SRW-11 rubra wherryi Washington AL N

    Sarracenia Hybrids

    ID Hybrid Sub/Var/Form Desc County ST Available

    SXAH-04 ahlsii Washington AL A
    SXAR-05 areolata Washington AL A
    SXCA-01 catesbei Liberty AL A
    SXCA-02 catesbei Pender NC A
    SXCA-03 catesbei Santa Rosa FL A
    SXCA-04 catesbei Horry SC A
    SXCA-08 catesbei Pender NC A
    SXCH-03 chelsonii Onslow NC A
    SXF-05 formosa Charlton GA A
    SXG-02 gilpinii wherryi Washington AL A
    SXMI-02 mitcheliana Baldwin AL A
    SXMI-03A mitcheliana Baldwin AL A
    SXMI-05 mitcheliana A
    SXMO-01 moorei Red Santa Rosa FL A
    SXMO-03 moorei FL A
    SXMO-06 moorei Walton FL A
    SXMO-06A moorei Walton FL A
    SXMO-08 moorei Walton FL A
    SXP-01 popei Baldwin AL A
    SXRD-02 readii Santa Rosa FL A
    SXRH-01 rehderi Candler GA A
    SXRH-02 rehderi Brunswick NC A
    SXW-03 wrigleyana Baldwin AL A
    SX-01 alata x psittacina A
    SX-02 flava x psittacina Franklin FL A
    SX-07 rubra gulfensis x psittacina x ? Santa Rosa FL A

    SXAH-03 ahlsii Washington AL N
    SXCA-05 catesbei Pender NC N
    SXCH-01 chelsonii Brunswick NC N
    SXCO-01 courtii Franklin FL N
    SXEO-03 exornata Washington AL N
    SXF-04 formosa okefenokeensis GA N
    SXMI-01 mitcheliana Baldwin AL N
    SXMO-02 moorei Pink Santa Rosa FL N
    SXMO-06D moorei Red Walton FL N
    SXMO-09 moorei Walton FL N
    SXRD-01 readii Santa Rosa FL N
    SXS-01 swaniana Brunswick NC N

    Sarracenia Cultivars

    ID Cultivar Hybrid County ST Available

    SXG-01 Gorey gilpini (gulfensis) Santa Rosa FL A (pic)
    SXW-01 Chagall wrigleyana Okaloosa FL N (pic)
    SXF-01 Seurat formosa N (pic)


    ID Species Sub/Var/Form Description Location Available

    HX-02 heterodoxa x minor A
    HX-04 ionasi x nutans A
    HM-01 minor Auyan Tepui A
    HM-03 minor A
    HI-01 ionasi A

    HC-01 chimantensis Clone A N
    HH-01 heterodoxa N
    HH-02 heterodoxa N
    HX-01 heterodoxa x nutans N
    HB-01 neblinae N
    HB-02 neblinae Red N
    HN-01 nutans N
    HP-01 pulchella Akopan Tepui N
    HT-01 tatei tatei Cerro Maharuaka N
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