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Thread: Our Growlist

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    Our Growlist



    N. Alata HB
    N. Alata
    N. Distillatoria Miranda
    N. Spectabilis "Giant"
    N. Hamata x Platychila
    N. Exotic Lady
    N. Bicalcarata Red
    N. Kampotiana
    N. Mini-Maxima
    N. Gothica
    N. Sibuyanensis x Ventricosa


    N. Albomarginata
    N. Bicalcarata Red Flush
    N. Ampullaria Hot Lip
    N. Ampullaria Red - green Lip
    N. (Ampullaria x Gracilis) - Trichocarpa x (N.albomarginata x veitchii) - Konak
    N. (Viking x Ampullaria) x Rafflesiana
    N. Bongso
    N. Viking
    N. Edwardsiana
    N. (Ampullaria x Gracilis) - Trichocarpa x Adnata
    N. Hookeriana
    N. Maxima
    N. Neoguineensis


    D. Capensis (gathered a few seeds from it that have been planted as well)
    D. Arcturi
    D. Omissa


    S. Oreophila
    S. leucophylla 'Tarnok'


    Pinguicula Assorted

    1 Dionaea muscipula

    NON CP

    SPHAGNUM! Both Kiwi Style, and Chilean Style
    Mini Roses
    Brugmansia - Angle Trumpet
    Hydrangeaceae - Hydrangea
    Cypripedioidea - Lady's Slipper Orchid
    Pachira Aquatica - Money Trees
    Senecio rowleyanus — String of Pearls
    Crassula Ovata - Jade Trees
    Gollum Crassula Ovata - Jade Plant
    Dracaena Sanderiana - Lucky Bamboos
    Lomariopsidaceae - Sword Fern (Nephrolepis Exaltata)/Boston Fern
    Liliaceae - Lilies
    Equisetaceae - Equisetum (horsetail, snake grass, puzzlegrass)
    Triticum Aestivum - Wheat Grass
    Mimosa Pudica - Tickle Me, Sensitive Plant
    Way Too many cactus/succulent/aloe to list! - maybe we will update this later..

    Would be Honored To Receive
    Triphyophyllum Peltatum
    N. Hamata
    Whatever anyone would like to share with us! =)
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