D. brevifolia
D. synderi
D. burmannii
D. burmannii red
D. capensis alba
D. affinis
D. collinsiae
D. lantau island

Hopefuls (unid'd mystery seedlings)
I have over 75 seedlings on the verge of positive id's. These are the few I am more then 50% sure I have

D. capensis red
D. capensis typical
D. spathulata
D. spathulata var. lovellae

These are the other possibilities that may or may not have been included in my seed pack
D. aliciae
D. burkeana
D. capillaris
D. coaicaulis
D. curviscapa
D. ericsoniae
D. dielsiana
D. intermedia " Cuba" " Venezuela" " Brazil"
D. indica
D. indica "Jacky Jacky"
D. nidiformis
D. peltata
D. pusilla" Venezuela"

S. purpurea

D. muscipula