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Thread: CP4ever growlist INDO Terra

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    CP4ever growlist INDO Terra

    H tatei var nebalie x hispida
    H tatei
    H nutans
    H sarracenioides xxx
    H pulchella akopan xxx
    N hamata from single clone xxx
    3 diff N ampullarlias,
    H hederdoxa x minor,
    H burgundy black,
    2 H tequila ,
    1 H tequila "red",
    N robcantleyi,
    N black night, xxx
    N eddie x burb,
    N rajah from BE.
    N Edwardsiana SG xxx
    N Veitchii "k" Bareo

    N villosa , 2 macros of different clones, H minor var pillosa, N Iowii, N rajah from AW, H ionasi x doxa , H Ionasi. xxx
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