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Thread: Seige Grow List

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    Seige Grow List

    Venus Flytraps

    D. muscipula “G 35”
    Big Mouth
    Bohemian Garnet
    Bristletooth young.
    BZ Razorback (ironjaws)
    Dutch Delight (FTR)
    Fine Tooth x Red
    (9)Flaming lips(FTS)
    FTS Maroon Monster (FTR) possible dying
    FTS Purple Ambush(FTS)
    Green Dragon
    Low giant
    Megatrap(Mystery Box)
    Schuppenstiel I(ironjaws)
    Venus Fly Trap(typical)


    S. Alata seedling
    S. Minor Seedling
    4 Sarracenia plants by Nevermore(possible plant I received ) sarracenia rosea x OP (catesbaei 'sunrise') x flava var. rugelii, daina's delight x rosea
    S. X moorei Giant red Form X S. Flava Stoky
    S. Hybrid Scarlette Belle Leuco x Psitt Hardy
    S. leucophylla x Chipola
    S. leucophylla 'Tarnok (Dionae)
    S. minor large(stubbingsj)
    S. rubra ssp. rubra
    S. Mixed Variety x 2
    S. Purple Pitcher x2
    S. (alata red black x flava kimber) x purp
    S. x Moorei (davidgreen)
    S. Moorie(Super Red)
    S. 'Hurricane Creek White' x 'Adrian Slack' (joossa)
    S. Hybrid Ritchie Belle x Purpurea Venosa
    S. Alata Maroon Throat (a carnivorous plant store)
    S. Flava copper top (duckhook)
    S. Snowflake (duckhook)
    S. white march (duckhook)
    S. leuco hurricane creek (duckhook)
    S. Leuco "Bob Hanrahan (duckhook)
    S. Rubra Alabamensis X Rubra Gulfensis (duckhook)
    S. Citronellii (rubra gulfensis x alata x leucophylla)(duckhook)
    S. x catesbaei
    S. Judith Hindle
    S. Hummer Hammerhead
    S. Flava Cuprea Bronze Copper (a carnivorous plant store)
    Southern Purple Pitcher Plant Venosa Burkii
    S. (alata red/black x jonesii viridescens) x 'Adrian Slack' Clone F
    S.'Leah Wilkerson' x 'Royal Ruby' Clone G
    S. Flava Rubricorpora
    S. Hybrid x Bugbat
    S. leucophylla, Contronelle Alabama
    S. leucophylla var. viridescens (heterophylla)
    S. rubra ssp. wherry “Yellow Flower
    S. Chronelle(duckhook)
    S. 'Hurricane Creek White (Fts)
    S. leucophylla var. alba Hurricane creek white clone F Baldwin Co, AL (Mike Wang)
    S. minor var. okefenokeensis Ware Co, GA clone N, large (Mike Wang)
    S. flava var. rugelii (extirpated site) Bulloch Co, GA (Mike Wang)
    S. rubra wherryi Chatom Giant Washington Co, AL (Mike Wang)
    S. flava var. maxima Cartaret Co, NC, (Mike Wang)
    S. Flava Extreme Red Throat (Mike Wang) extra
    S. Flava Var Ornate "Improved" (Mike Wang) extra
    S. Carolina Yellow Jacket
    S. Purpurea Smurf
    S. Flava Ornate Heavy Veined (Phil Faulisi)
    S. 'Mesa Exotice' (Phil Faulisi)
    S. Flava Var Ornata" Improved" (Phil Faulisi)
    S. Oreophilla (oudeanswillowcreek)
    S. Flava 'Red Marbled' (oudeanswillowcreek)
    S. (Readii X Royal Ruby) (Phil Faulisi)
    S. (Reptilan Rose X Leucophylla "pale") (Phil Faulisi)
    S. Leucophylla "Purple Lips" X Leucophylla "Mega Exotics" (Phil Faulisi)
    S. Reptillan Rose
    S. Alata Pubscent Giant Gem


    Drosera adelae
    Drosera aliciae
    Drosera anglica Alakai Swamp, Kauai, Hawaii
    Drosera binate (Dionae)
    Drosera Binata Marston dragon
    Drosera Binata var dichotoma
    Drosera Binata binata var. multifida "extrema
    Drosera brevifolia seeds
    Drosera burmanii
    Drosera burmanii Humpy Doo
    Drosera Capensis Alba
    Drosera capensis “Baines Kloof”
    Drosera Capensis Boadleaf
    Drosera capensis All Red
    Drosera capensis Giant
    D. capensis {Narrow Leaf}
    Drosera Capensis Typical
    D. capensis 'wide leaf'
    Drosera Capillars
    Drosera Dielsiana seedlng
    D. filiformis var filiformis
    Drosera filiformis 'Florida Red'
    Drosera Filiformis Tracy
    Drosera Madagascarensis
    Drosera Indica 'Pale Pink Flower' seedling
    drosera regia
    Drosera Spatulata
    Drosera Spatulata Royal nati au x Anglica organ
    drosera Tokaiensis (spatulata hybrid)
    drosera venusta
    Sp Pretty Rosette
    Burmannii 'Giant Red' Hann river (Ras)

    Pigma Sundews

    Drosera occidentalis cape de grand
    Drosera carbarup
    Drosera Dorks pink
    Drosera echinoblastus
    Drosera Grievei
    Drosera paleacea ssp. leioblastus
    Drosera Parvula Ssp Sargentill
    Drosera pygmy paleacea ssp. trichocaulis
    Drosera pulchella
    Drosera pygmaea new Zealand
    Drosera roseana
    Drosera Mannii x Callistos
    Drosera scorpioides Albany
    Drosera Scopiodes Gidiganup

    Corbra Lilly (phil Golding)
    2nd Cobra Lily (phil Golding)

    Drosophyllum lusitanicum seedling (Cascade Carnivores)
    Drosophyllum lusitanicum plant


    Nepenthes Miranda
    Nepenthes x 'Ventrata'
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    Venus Flytraps
    Green Dragon
    Venus Fly Trap(typical)
    Dingley giant(Mystery Box)
    Megatrap(Mystery Box)
    Fuzzy tooth(Mystery Box)
    Trinchterfalle(Mystery Box)
    FTS Maroon Monster (FTR)
    Dutch Delight (FTR)
    Fine Tooth x Red
    Flaming lips(FTS

    Purple Pitcher x2
    S. Alata mixed seed seedling
    S. Flava mixed seed germination (starting to stratify seed)
    S. Leucophylla 'schnells ghost' x rubra) seedling (goodkoalie)
    Sarracenia flava var ornate x S. flava var cuprea
    Sarracenia X moorei Giant red Form X S. Flava Stoky
    Sarracenia x wrigleyana x psittacina x leucophylla
    Sarracenia leucophylla x Chipola
    Sarracenia rubra ssp. rubra x 4
    Sarracenia Mixed Variety Seedling x 2
    Sarracenia Hybrid Scarlette Belle Leuco x Psitt Hardy
    Turkish Red Pitcher Plant / Northern Purple Pitcher Plant seed
    Southern Purple Pitcher Plant Venosa Burkii seed
    Parrot Pitcher Plant Sarracenia Psittacina
    sarracenia leucohylla white top seed

    Drosera Capensis
    spatualta burmanni red seed thxs (ras)
    spatualta burmanni green seedling finally was able to germinate thru water method (starting from seed) (ras)
    drosera regia re seed germination
    Drosera Filliformis seed germination (Goodkoalie)
    Drosera Capensi Alba seedling (Goodkoalie)
    Drosera All Red seed
    Drosera Albino seed germination
    Drosera Spatulta kanto Form seed (keven P)
    Drosera Sessilifol seed (keven P)
    Fraser Island seed (keven P)
    Drosera capensi all green is actually the alba it seems
    Drosera Binata Marston dragon
    Sp Pretty Rosette
    Drosera scorpiodes
    Drosera nitidula x pulchella
    Drosera pulchella
    Drosera pygmaea new zealand
    Drosera nitidula allantostigma x ericksonae
    Drosera occidentalis x pulchella
    D adalae (chtripp)
    D venusta x Capensis (chtripp)
    D. Admirabilis-"Palmiet River (robster_24)
    Drosera Capillaris x 3
    Drosera Dielsiana
    Drosera Indica 'Pale Pink Flower' Seed
    Drosera natalensis seedling
    Drosera burmanii "Hong Kong" seed
    Drosera Madagascarensis
    Drosera burmanii "Hong Kong
    Drosera binata x 5 (Dionae) with 3 sets of rook cutting in a cup
    Drosera binata var. dichotoma
    D. capensis {Narrow Leaf} seed
    D. capensis 'wide leaf' seed
    Drosera filiformis 'Florida Red'
    drosera filiformis Florida all red seedling thru water method
    drosera Tokaiensis (spatulata hybrid) seed
    drosera venusta seed
    Drosera anglica Alakai Swamp, Kauai, Hawaii seed

    Drosophyllum lusitanicum seed (Cascade Carnivores)
    Drosophyllum lusitanicum seedling test

    Plants I have lost
    drosera regia seedling
    B52(Seedling grown)
    Fine Tooth x Red
    Venus Fly Trap(typical)
    Drosera intermedia
    D prolifena (chtripp)
    Cobra Lily
    spatualta burmanni red seed

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