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Thread: Phake's Grow List!

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    Phake's Grow List!

    My Grow List
    Drosera adelae (small plant, not flowering yet)
    Drosera burmannii (month or 2 away from flowering)
    Drosera capensis (red) (seedlings)
    Drosera capensis (albino) (seeds/seedlings)
    Drosera intermedia 'Carolina giant' (awaiting germination)
    Drosera madagascariensis (seedlings)
    Drosera natalensis (seeds/awaiting germination)
    Drosera omissa (pink) (seedlings)
    Drosera spatulata 'white flower' (awaiting germination)

    Pitcher Plants
    Variety of Sarracenia hybrids
    Nepenthes alata (rooted cutting)
    Nepenthes miranda (rooted cutting)

    Casuaria cunninghamiana

    My Want List
    I am currently looking to expand my collection!
    I am also looking for Drosera regia seeds.
    True to species nepenthes, small plants or rooted cuttings, or even cuttings for some species
    Nepenthes eymae
    Nepenthes intermis
    Nepenthes petiolata
    Nepenthes reinwardtiana
    Nepenthes talangensis
    Nepenthes veitchii
    Nepenthes Ventricosa
    Nepenthes villosa
    Nepenthes viellardii
    Nepenthes xiphioides
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