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Thread: Jwalkers grow list

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    Jwalkers grow list

    Cephalotus "Albany pitcher plant"

    C. Phill Mann
    C. Hummer's giant
    C. Coal mine beach SG
    C. Emu point
    C. Squat

    Dionaea muscipula "Venus flytrap"

    D. Fuzzy tooth
    D. Typical
    D. Fts maroon monster
    D. King Henry
    D. Coquillage
    Lots of seedlings

    Drosera "sundew"

    D. Tokaiensis
    D. Anglica
    D. Indica
    D. Intermedia
    D. Capensis "giant"
    D. Capensis Bain's kloof
    D. Capensis Bain's rocket
    D. Filliformis
    D. Nidiformi x Natelensis
    D. Schizandra
    D. Madagascariensis
    D. Spatulata
    D. Burmannii
    D. Snyderifo
    D. Rotundilia

    Pygmy drosera

    D. Nitidule x pulchella
    D. Pulchella

    Heliamphora "sun pitcher plant"

    H. Elongata

    Sarracenia " American pitcher plant

    15 no names
    About 30 OP Purpurea venosa " the beast" seedling
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