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Thread: Sashoke's Growlist!

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    Sashoke's Growlist!

    Not very big yet, but its getting there!


    N. ventricosa "red"
    N. ventricosa "black peristome"
    N. ventricosa seed grown (Paul)
    N. burkei
    N. sibuyanesis
    N. ventricosa(aristolochioides x thorelli) x 2
    N. "Red Leopard"
    N. spathulata x robcantleyi
    N. burkei "Madjah as" x2
    N. tiveyi "Pink and Gold"
    N. hamata x spathulata
    N. hamata x spectabilis
    N. campanulata x burbidgeae
    N. sibuyanensis x spectabilis


    C. follicularis typical


    D. capensis "wide"
    D. capensis "alba" x 3
    D. dichrosepala x 12


    S. jonesii seedlings


    Typical VFT
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