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Thread: Jake's Grow List

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    Jake's Grow List

    Hey Guys, This is my list as of 06/27/2015

    Light Fixture Used: One 300 Watt LED
    Pro LED 189X

    Nepenthes :
    Nepenthes Attenboroughii seedlings SG (two)
    Nepenthes Burbigeae x TM SG
    Nepenthes Dubia SG
    Nepenthes Edwardsiana Marai Parai SG
    Nepenthes Ephippiata AW
    Nepenthes Hamata Clone 3 AW
    Nepenthes Hamata Redform Katopasssa SG
    Nepenthes Inermis AW
    Nepenthes Jacquelineae AW
    Nepenthes Jamban SG
    Nepenthes Lowii BE
    Nepenthes Lowii SG
    Nepenthes Lowii x Sabre "Dark Cherry" SG
    Nepenthes Macrophylla AW
    Nepenthes Macrophylla SG
    Nepenthes muluensis x lowii SG
    Nepenthes Palawanensis SG
    Nepenthes Peter D' Amato SG
    Nepenthes RHH SG
    Nepenthes Singalana x RHH SG
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