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Thread: Trout's Growlist

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    Trout's Growlist

    My grow list is very short .

    7 D. Muscipula 'Red Dragon'

    2. D. Capensis typical (one of these, I'm not actually sure of, because under its current lighting, the leaves are turning pink, which I didn't think was normal for D. Capensis)

    2 D. 'Floating'

    Some strange spiky grass. Have no idea how it got started in my terrarium

    D. paleacea ssp. paleacea

    D. leucoblasta 'Brookton'

    1 Drosera (probably capensis) which hitch-hiked in with my paleaceas

    A veritable ton of Utricularia Bisquimata which I'm still trying to get rid of.

    a specimen of Cephalotus folicularis I don't really care which cultivar, though if I had to choose: Eden Black

    D. muscipula 'Dente'

    D. adelae

    My wishlist is pathetic, I know, but I have limited space.
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