Here's a list of what I'm currently growing, both CP's and everything else! I'll update it periodically as I acquire or trade plants.

-Carnivorous Plants-


purpurea ssp. venosa 'veinless'
*work in progress*

alba SG
aristolochiodes SG
attenboroughii 1650m SG
edwardsiana SG
macrophylla SG
maxima from Sulawesi SG
palawanensis SG
platychila SG

follicularis 'typical'


adductum (seedlings from flask, sourced from OrchidSpeed)
Bel Royal 'Chris Swanson' HCC/AOS
glanduliferum var. praestans ('Yellow Tiger' x 'Sam's Choice')
haynaldianum album
kolopakingii var. topperi ('Jeanie's Green Giant' x Jamboree' HCC/AOS)
kolopakingii fma. katharinae (album)('Albino Beauty' AM/AOS x 'Green Delight' HCC/AOS)
parishii ('Red Long Twister' x 'Jeanie' AM/AOS)
philippinense ('Alford' AM/AOS x 'Super Twister')
rothschildianum ('Golden Boy' AM/AOS x 'Giant Wings' GM/WOC)
rothschildianum (‘Chocolate Mint’ x ‘Atticus’ AM/AOS B/WOC)
sanderianum (‘YW-7’ SM/TOGA x ‘Select’ BM/TPS)
stonei ('New Dimension' x 'The Best')
stonei (Cindy Hill x Fogarty's)
wilhelminiae ('Bear' SM/TPS x 'wil-2' BM/TOGA)

andreettae ‘Red Ribbons’ x self
besseae (Bleeding Heart x Colossal)
caudatum ('Green Repunzel’ x ‘Perfection’)
kovachii ('Laura' x 'Ana')
lindenii 'New World' x self
longifolium 'Fernbrook' AM/AOS
Nitidissimum 'Neville' FCC/AOS
popowii 'Fortuna' (syn. caudatum var. warscewiczianum 'Fortuna')
popowii (purchased as humboldtii)
schlimii ('Isolde' x sib)
wallisii or warscewiczianum

-Other Plants-
x30 Amorphophallus konjac of all sizes

The following are plants I'm trying to find for my collection. If you have any of them available feel free to shoot me a PM! The underlined plants at the top of the list are ones I'm especially interested in finding. Thanks for looking!

N. klossii (My dream plant)
N. hurrelliana
N. truncata HL red or pasian HL
N. hamata
N. villosa
N. rajah
N. vogelii

N. pitopangii
N. deaniana
N. jamban
N. dubia
S. oreophylla
S. leucophyllia 'Hurricane creek white'
S. rosea