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Thread: Pitcherless!

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    I just stumbled on this at a greenhouse. I happened to see it tucked off to the side and knew that it was a nep, but no pitchers have formed so I don't know what kind!

    The pic is a poor quality cell phone pic with my parents' oversized Golden Retriever as a reference. The leaves aren't as large as the mirandas that I'm eyeing at another place but the plant is clearly and old timer. There are at least 6 or 7 shoots, most of which are full sized plants unto themselves.

    I need the nep super-experts to help out on this one. So far we know:

    -it is a mature plant, but the leaves aren't particularly massive
    -it doesn't have one single pitcher despite being in a greenhouse for a long time
    -the greenhouse was a little chilly today so this could be a plant that doesn't
    pitcher well in chilly conditions OR
    -maybe it is a highland that doesn't like the average greenhouse conditions

    too many questions that I have no idea how to answer. The guy that helped take it down said it was a "pitcher plant" and that was it. Considering that when he was taking it to the register he asked if I needed any plant food to go with it, I wasn't expecting much more help from him. I'm suprised that it survived as long as it has.

    So if there are any clues that could help narrow it down, I'd love to know how I'm supposed to care for this thing. It'll be well lit and wet with a nice spraying of fertilizer but beyond that...HELP!!!!! I will submit better photos when I can get them. The phone is the only option at this time.

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    Well, the answer is probably right there in your post. If they're giving it plant food, it won't pitcher. What's a plant need to catch bugs for if it lives in hearty soil? It looks healthy to me - quite robust. Put it next to some of your other Neps, foliar feed only at a light dilution, and give it some time. Once it gets hungry, it'll pitcher. Neps are smarter than you'd think.

    PS - Have you ready any primers on Neps? If you're still new to the genus, I can dig up some good links for you. Basically, Neps are just really slow, subborn plants - they take time to react to conditions (as in weeks) and they're only happy if you get nearly everything right (if they're not at the right temperature, for example, then you need to get the light, humidity, media, watering and such forth all right if you want a chance at pitchers.) That said, they're very durable and even if you can't get them to pitcher for a while, you probably won't kill them, as this plant's former life in the nursery can attest to.
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    I would flush the soil of that plant with lots of clean water, to get the excess fertilizer out of the soil.
    I also wouldn't even foliar feed it. It's probably been overdosed on fertilizer.
    Keep it in the correct nep conditions and it will start pitchering.
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