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Thread: Can you ID this shrub/hedge plant?

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    Can you ID this shrub/hedge plant?

    A friend of my wife's has a whole row of shrubs/hedge she is going to rip out soon, to replace with a fence..
    We can take some if we want them! dig them out and transplant them..
    but the only place we have for them would be in fairly heavy shade, and I need to ID the plant to see
    if it can handle shade at all..if it cant, I wont even bother to dig any up..
    (it is growing in sun right now)

    I didnt get a pic of the hedge in place, didnt have the camera with I broke off a branch and took it home
    to photograph:

    Can you ID this shrub/hedge plant?

    That piece of branch is about 8" long, and each individual football-shaped leaf is about 1" to 1.25" long..
    its a common "hedge plant"..kept trimmed with hedge clippers..
    kept about 4 feet tall, but could be taller..

    any idea of the specific species?


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    This is a tough one but I love plant taxonomy so I'm going to give it a guess based on the opposite leaves, leaf veins, and morphology. If I remember correctly the smaller leaves at the base are a good clue too. Flowers or fruits would definitely help me. If you were to crush a stem full of leaves and rub it all in your hands it should have a good sweet or spicy smelling odor if I'm correct. My guess would be a Calycanthus sp.. See

    Another guess would be a Ligustrum species

    8" long stem seems small for a Calycanthus shrub.
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