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Thread: Drosera capillaris or brevifolia

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    Drosera capillaris or brevifolia

    Hi, I was wandering around ANF yesterday in search of anything cool. This probably highlighted the list as I am an animal person, not generally plants. I was in Liberty County, FL and found this guy resting just beneath a log (not under) all by itself. I only have this one picture at the moment but later today can post more if needed.

    More details: This plant was tiny by my standards. I would say no bigger than 8cm wide. Each leave, extending from the base, was probably 2-3 cm. No flower. The petioles were not very long, especially compared to the leaf blade. They may have even been a 1:1 length ratio. The glandular dewdrop protuberances were only measurable in mm I would think.

    Other than the scape having these dewdrops, is there another way to positively differentiate capillaris from brevifolia?

    I'm leaning towards capillaris...

    Also does anyone happen to know exactly what polysaccharide molecules are produces by this species or this genus even?

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    I'm closing this thread since your duplicate is getting responses.

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