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Thread: Unknown (tuberous?) Drosera

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    Unknown (tuberous?) Drosera

    Here are some pictures of a surprise batch of sundews that popped up in a pot that I planted with some sarracenia seeds I got. They started out low to the ground like a rosette then started to grow up, and up and up. Now guessing on the growth habit I think it may be some kind of tuberous sundew, does anyone have some guesses as to what kind?

    This is one of the only rosette-ish ones left but they all started out looking like this, maybe a little more "bunched up" and ball-like so while I assumed this picture is of one of the same as the others just before it started to get tall *maybe* it is something different.

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    I'd guess it would be one of the more common ones. Maybe D. peltata?
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    Looks to be peltata
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