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Thread: Pygmy Drosera ID

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    I just changed the two over the carnivores a few weeks ago. There are 4 bulbs total, and I rotate the old bulbs to the opposite side, where there are mostly miniature orchids and such. The bulbs have worked fine for growing plants. 6700K spectrum, and I've been growing things (legal, I swear!) under PC lights for years. Drosera are a bit new to me, but I have an H. minor and Cephalotus growing for a couple years, as well as several Neps growing in the same area and doing quite well. I suppose I can free up another 10 gallon, and use my other 96W on it. I just need to find room...hmm...

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    I know there are those of you out there that will swear by grow lights/fluorescents/whatever and terrariums. I think they are a waste of space and electricity. I grow all my plants outside during the summer except pings and utrics. And in my bay window during the winter. No terrariums. Just shallow water trays. Nothing beats natural sunlight for growing healthy plants. As long as there is adequate water in the trays, low humidity doesn't bother them.

    These plants aren't getting enough of the right light. They are etoliated, light green instead of dark green and lack any red coloration typical in the tentacles of most pygmy dews. Try slowly adapting them to real sunlight and see if that doesn't make a difference.

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