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Thread: Name that Nepenthes

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    As mr Truncata said, they are upper pitchers on the first photo.
    Nepenthes are vines, lower pitchers are more dramatically colored and suited for catching insects near the ground, upper pitchers are meant for catching airborn insects, and some others like ants still get caught blah blah blah...
    Youll notice in the tendril of the upper pitchers, that they usually make a loop or some strange bends etc etc...
    When the plant is vining, these tendrils wrap around a stick/vine or any other form of support that they can before inflating the pitcher at the end...

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    Thanks to everyone who answered.

    I do know that Nepenthes produce upper and lower pitchers. It is interesting that the plant that produces the upper pitcher is smaller and much more vine like as well as having smaller more 'delicate leaves' while the plant producing the lower pitchers is very large, with many basal shoots, and large waxy leaves. I guess that Sam took the cutting from a plant that had grown tall enough to create upper pitchers and the plant kept those characteristics

    SirKristoff: Thanks for the information about the tendrils and such -- that makes perfect sense

    The cool heathen chick

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