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Thread: rubras

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    Hi gang,

    Wondering if y'all can lend me your eyes and expertise? I have a bowl garden that has 2 rubras. At least they look like 2 different varieties to me. If anyone can venture a guess or two as to which types they are, that would be great. With my luck, they are probably the same variety.

    Thanks in advance.

    This first one is shorter than the other, has a more horizontal lid, and has a dark rim / lip.

    This one is taller, less coloration, and the lid angles just a bit upward. Maybe a Jonesii?

    Here is one showing both of them. Sorry about the blurriness. Cheap Wally-world camera (and shaky hands)

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    it seems like everyone wants to know about their rubras! im having the same trouble and these other posts have reminded me to take pictures of my own plants for ID. yours both look the same to me, but i dont know which variety they are. here are mine. obviously two different kinds that i need identified:

    BTW i recieved these from the same dealer labeled only as s. rubra

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