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Thread: What Sarr Beauty is This?

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    Hey All-

    By anychance, does anyone have any contact info (e-mail addy) with Mr. Bob Hanrahan?
    Maybe he could update us on this particular sarr, and where I can get my grubby paws on one


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    Found it!

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    Hiya All-

    I just got a reply back from Mr. Hanrahan, and he said that the photographer just used a flash and nothing else. He also added that, "plant pretty much looks that
    way every year."

    Unfortunately, plants on his property are not proprigated for sale

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    Hmmm, that Sarracenia "leucophylla" has quite a long spur, and the column is quite skinny. I think that that plant may contain some S. flava genes somewhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aslan View Post
    I don't think they're pure leucophylla.... they appear to have some flava in them. The mouth doesn't look right, more like a flava than a leuco. Also, the neck that holds the lid on looks a lot like a flava's, like more rounded and compact. I'd say it's a x moorei, maybe with some backcrossing. Nice colors, though, a beautiful Sarr if I ever saw one! Good luck on identifying it!

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    I believe the photography. I am skeptical in it's heritage, but you never know.

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    It riivals Andrian Slack!

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