If one looked at the situation with a little compassion, I believe they would realize that no one is "picking fights with the moderators". I think it is more a situation of expressing frustration from being in an awkward position, and being reminded of the unusual situation they are actually in here.

Indeed, even bringing up AG... is in violation of: "we do not allow the discussing of "other" CP vendors" if you want to point fingers. Fortunately it seems that tolerance is given unless it gets "out of hand", as this would be a rather unsavory sterile environment if the rules that were created were followed to the letter, with zero tolerance.

For people who share a common interest of loving the same expression of life and nature (CP's), it is amazing to me just how little tolerance and care people show here for one another.

It was thoughtful of you to point out exactly, all the wrong things she was doing, for all to see however. Now she can hopefully feel horribly guilty and we can all look down on her!

In reality, I personally think one reminder for her was enough, and to let it go at that.