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Thread: Some Ping IDs

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    Some Ping IDs

    I traded for these a while back, and they came with labeled bags. I stuck the bags with the plants until I could get around to making labels for them, and the writing wore off before I made any labels. I would love to get IDs on these if possible. Some are crosses and it may not be all that easy to ID them, but try your best! Maybe whoever I got them from can tell me, but I can't remember who that is.

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    Gonna need flowers on this one...a couple look like moranensis however and one resembles an xTitan

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    Lower middle one looks like a Pirouette that hasn't been in intense lighting.
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    It's nice to see someone else who has trouble keeping track of the names!
    I loose tags, or they wipe off, fall out or I don't get them to begin with!
    I know it is just me, as I have some nice tags on some plants I have had for years, and they are still forking great! I just get lax, busy & sloppy and don't take the care I should!

    But it is nice that for whatever reason, I am not the only one!
    Experience is the best teacher. At least it used to be.
    But then, common sense isn't so common anymore, is it.

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