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Thread: Utricularia quelchii or U. tricolor?

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    yes, DD is Darnowski, Darnowski obtained his "U. quelchii" from the guy who I got my "U. quelchii" from, Michael Drabinsky who is also a member from BACPS, who got his from Tony Gridley and Lois. Lois obtained her U. quelchii from another member---the portion given to her is legitimate--however, some sort of contamination occurred and her bowl was plagued with U. tricolor (i have seen her growing bowl personally). Michael has showed me photos of his grow space and claims that no U. tricolor grows in his grow room, and he (from the photos) does have real U. quelchii growing in his grow room. It could be possible that the batch of "U. quelchii" given to many individuals may have originated from from Lois's contaminated lot---that being said, it is very likely that anybody who obtained their "U. quelchii" from BACPS as a source has ended up with U. tricolor. This is not to say that nobody in BACPS has U. quelchii---there are members that definitely have the plant and have proven it by their flowers.

    hahaha. nobody should know the story better than me. i started the fire.
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