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Thread: Nepenthes distillatoria?

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    Nepenthes distillatoria?

    I purchased this plant this week as Nepenthes distillatoria, but it looks rather different from pictures of distillatoria online, especially with the upper half of the pitcher being mottled. Anyone know what it could be? Unfortunately there is only one pitcher on the plant.

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    There appears to be a fair amount of variability in N. distilleries. This may be some natural variance, but I don't grow distilloria and only went through various photos on the carnivorous plant photo finder myself. I hope that helps.
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    This plant came from UC Davis' collection, right? I have never seen a Nepenthes that looked much like that in the public greenhouses' displays, although it may be an intermediate pitcher from one of the collection's mis-id'ed "thorelii" (which seem to be kampotiana). In any case, it's certainly not N. distillatoria and probably can't be identified until there are true upper and lower pitchers.
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