ok, I currently do not have a picture, But as some of you may ave remember, way back in 2002, I was talking about they rebuilt a bridge by my house and had to dam up the whole stream, and seemed to be killing tons of sundew?

Well, I still have not figured out what that was, I know i traded 3(wild, from the marsh by my house) to nepenthesgracilis, for 3 sarracenia purpure.
Im not sure if he ever found out, but I am still very curious on what they are. currently the area is flooded, and i cannot reach it, but when it goes down, I'll get some pics. hopefully you can help me.

Im not sure but maybe nepenthesgracilis has a picture or two.

They werent very big, and they grow in NH, were I live. I know a few types of CP's live here, and I've seen some sarracenia purpurea here too.

I'll try to get a pic up ASAP