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Thread: Mini critter keeper sling (viewable hide) setup

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    Mini critter keeper sling (viewable hide) setup

    1" PVC cut to fit, glazed in silicone and rolled in eco-earth

    Vented lid with handle removed and larger holes sealed with silicone and covered in eco-earth

    View from the side of the critter keeper where you can see inside the hide

    Top down view

    Thanks for looking

    Adding on, and making a few minor changes

    I tried a 2" hydroponics mesh pot instead, cut a hole in the side and:

    Side view

    Top View

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    0 Thread(s) rolling the pipes in Eco Earth a good idea? I can't really be cleaned if it becomes soiled, right? Although I'm sure spiders don't produce waste like a lizard or snake, but still..that'd be an issue maybe? Just a thought- I know nothing on spider care. It looks cool though!

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    Looks fine to me, just be sure to let the silicone air out for a week or so outside before introducing the spider to it. The VOCs of fresh silicone are not good for you or the critters to breathe. Spray the silicone/eco earth down with water a couple times too just to be sure.

    Spiders generally are very clean critters, rarely making a small poo stain (usually white) and a "food bolus" which is leftovers from a meal (legs, wings, antennae, etc) all wadded up with strands of silk and usually hung in the same place all the time. My Chilean Rose just hangs it over the opening to her den as if to say "take out the trash please!", it's nice I can just take my tongs and grab it right out.

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