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Thread: Not a pet, but the guardian of the tool shed

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    Today's portrait

    Well I zoomed my original pics in up to 400% and the eyes are definitly not those of a wolf spider. Huntsman spiders bend their front legs at an angle that this one doesn't when it moves. Also huntsman tend to live further south than the mid-atlantic US coast. I'm still voting for Fishing spider myself.
    We've had large hairy spiders living in the shed for many years. We don't distrub them and in return they help keep the scourge of camel crickets down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Physalaemus View Post
    Definitely a fishing spider, Dolomedes... looks like tenebrosus but I'm not familiar with the spiders of your area.
    And the winner is..Physalaemus

    Found this while researching
    "The species Dolomedes tenebrosus is more frequently associated with wooded areas (it would be more accurately classified as a tree-dwelling spider) and is a common household invader in these locations. It occurs from New England and Can ada south to Florida and Texas."
    And the images on line are a verrrry close match.
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    idk chibae, it might help to cast some Detect Magic here, just to be sure...

    That thing has a mana bar. Run, yall!

    (this is an homage to a rather popular one floating around the internet, which wouldn't be appropriate to post here hehe)
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