Gee. What do I say.

I was born in a little log, wait. That was someone else... I live in beautiful and historic Richmond, Virginia between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic ocean.

I am nature girl at heart. Love our wonderful planet and all the gifts she gives us...plants, animals, stars, oceans, rich soil, rocks and minerals, and good people.

I grow CPs, passion flowers, orchids and other plants. I collect "old things" especially vintage Indian blankets and have a bay in a antique shop. Also collect rocks and minerals.

I love my wire fox terrier, Ollie Bean Macintosh, who is half-devil/half sweet as pie. He keeps me busy. Mainly picking up the trash he drags all over the house and my belongings he steals and takes outside. He's a very bad boy but he makes me laugh.

I guess that's it. Tally ho!