dont believe me? look for Wolf Point Montana on a map, ill give you a hint, look in the northeast corner. its not the edge of the earth but you can see it from here.

i think i found these forums a few weeks ahead of my buddy Jimscott. i had purchased a nep on a whim and was looking for info and stumbled in here. wasnt a month later that Tamlin sent me some pygmy Drosera gemma and i was officially hooked on CPs. like most newbies i started by growing anything i could get my hands on. while i still have a lil bit of almost everything, i really enjoy Neps, Utrics, Genlisea and am starting to get into Helis a bit. South African 'dews also are high on my interest list.

other interests include my zoo which containes a few snakes, dart frogs, Mantellas and assorted fuzzy critters. firearms are also a focus of mine as is hunting. i can hunt elk, mule deer, whitetail deer and pronghorn within an easy drive of my front door as well as upland birds, waterfowl and varmits. i do a lil fishing in the summer, usually for walleyes. i do as much hiking as my screwed up knees allow me. My wife and 2 step kids take up alot of my time but for the most part they share my interests. i also grow orchids and other oddball plants that catch my eye.

for work, i am a printer at the local weekly newspaper/print shop, where my wife is the boss, though like any small town buisness i do a bit of everything from photography, to typesetting, to running the photolab.