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welcome to Terror Forums.
I think terra forums is a misnomer. cause of all the terryifying things these plants do to insects.LOL
Those are some impressive plants and Pics
I am one of the older folk (well I should be flytraps granny instead of lady)on here,with only about 9 years total being involved with carni plants.
owh haha. thank you so much for the comments. well, many nepenthes come from Malaysia but the problem is, most of them are found in high lands or between lowlands in tropical rainforests and i stay in a city that is soo warm, sometimes 34 degrees celcius and my CPs can tolerate it. there no four season here in malaysia, so, its literally summer all year through! lol. and yeah, i must say that im envy that you guys in the States have such cold temperatures that most CPs love.

Most of the huge nepenthes i have (pitcher more than 6 inches) are from cameron highlands, Malaysia's most popular place for scouting out CPs as its got a divers ecosystem and is a popular tourist destination. Most of plants that cant survive in tropical climate are grown there, such as ivy, tulips, roses, and fuschias are grown there, and brought to lowlands to sell. ( the temp. in the highlands range from 12 degree Celcius to about 21).

picture this - ive tried growing 6 pots of sundew, and all of them died, one after another. lol.

im thinking of settingup a terrarium to regulate temperature etc.. but im wondering if it will overheat in my climate.