Hi everyone,

I've been hanging around for the last couple of days looking through the site, I feel as if I know some of you already and thought I'd introduce myself.

I live Margate, South Africa - about 120km from Durban. Just getting into the hobby of collecting carnivorous plants. I have a few Dionaea cultivars, some Cephalotus typicals, some Drosera and Neps. I'll create a grow list as I progress.

Also starting out in tissue culture. I'm converting a spare bed room into my back yard culture lab so who knows what I be cooking up. I'll probably be asking advice and updating on progress in not to long.

I'm am currently trying to acquire of the more special clones of Cephalotus, which is proving to be near impossible with plant import/export regulations. I'm sure there is some of you that can extend advice on this topic as well.

That's it for now so I'll hope to be seeing all of you around the forum.