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Thread: Hello from MS

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    Hello from MS

    How many here are from the deep south?

    I've been on TF for a long time but I realized I have never introduced myself. All I can say is that I'm a plant fanatic. I love all plants and want one of each. Of course that doesn't always work out in the heat and humidity that I have to deal with so I've learned that things that say zone 4-8 mostly mean not my zone 8.

    My favorite plants are carnivorous and succulents. I've only been growing Nepenthes for a couple of years. I've just ordered these which include my first highlanders:

    Ampularia green & green batiq, Hookeriana red & red batiq, Hookeriana green & green batiq, Rafflesiana Giant, Albomarginata, xGracilis(trico, cantleyi,neglexta dll), Reinwardtiana, Hamata x Platychila, & Burbidgeae x Edwardsiana
    Nepenthes photos

    I took this picture yesterday of one of my leucos that is still pretty. (I check every day).

    Sarracenia photos

    You can see my other plants on my Facebook page:

    I hope to get to know y'all better!

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    Welcome to TF!

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