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Thread: Hello! New enthusiast from N. California!

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    cyclopse Hello! New enthusiast from N. California!

    I currently reside in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Zone 9.

    Only until recently have I been intrigued by the beauty of carnivorous plants. Now, I have a chance to grow my own! Hoping to become a vigorous part of the community. I'm also interested in Peppers. Peppers being the first type of plants that I grew very fond of, I recently tried exploring other plants. Hence, my being here. Growing carnivorous plants is a very fun hobby! I love watching them grow and progress throughout all of their different stages. This year will mark my very first time growing: Nepenthes, Dosera, and Sarracenia.

    Post Scriptum- I am very interested in trading my various types of peppers for bug eating plants! message me if you're interested too!

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    Welcome to terraforums. You might want to look into darlingtonia, I know that a population grows in some mountains somewhere in California.
    The profile pic that you see above is my actual photo. I am a hyper-intelligent snake that has learned to use the internet and I will eventually rule you all.

    Just kidding..... Or am I?

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    Welcome to TF

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